cleanse-D shampoo

cleanse-D shampoo

clean with care

A luxurious, sulfate-free, medicated lather that eliminates dandruff by restoring and balancing your scalp's delicate biome. Our patented cleanse, made with naturally derived XO-70® is now available in a formula that includes salicylic acid (a natural exfoliant). This combination of gentle, biome-balancing cleansing and flake-eliminating medication gently lifts dry flakes, dirt and excess oil while retaining essential proteins, peptides and lipids to restore your scalp and hair's biome balance. Hair stays cleaner, feels fuller and more moisturized, looks vibrant and dries faster. Your scalp is calm and flake-free. No harsh chemicals means no itch, no color fade and no frizz! 

cleanse-D is made of naturally derived ingredients, and is PETA certified. It contains no sulfates, no silicones, no preservatives, no parabens and no GMOs. It is safe for all hair types including chemically and color-treated hair.

cleanse-D is part of the scientifically integrated illumai biome care system. Mixing and matching with other hair products may not result in a balanced scalp and healthy beauty benefits.


  • Eliminates dandruff's itching and flaking
  • Moisturizes and soothes scalp
  • Gently washes out dirt, flakes and excess oil from hair
  • Restores balance and manageability
  • Minimizes breakage and split ends
  • Hair color stays vibrant
  • Hair has natural lift and volume
  • Reduces blow-dry time
  • No sulfates or similar chemicals, preservatives, parabens or silicones
  • Is ideal for ALL hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, coily and color-treated hair


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