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Arcata, CA

"My hair is finally looking like I always knew it could: healthy, wavy, and naturally beautiful."

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Tamar G.
Norwalk, CT

"My friend shared her secret to her beautiful hair - illumai. My hair is oily and all the greasiness is gone. I have volume, it smells great and my hair is shiny - it's the product I'll use from now on."

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Jill M.
Norwalk, CT

"I really, really love it. I never cared about hair products, but illumai made a huge difference with frizz - my hair is soft, silky and feels very professional. The system makes me feel great and I'm happy to recommend it to my friends and family."

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Susan Haworth
Alameda, CA

"I have been using illumai shampoo and conditioner for the past 10 months and have noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my hair. I have thick hair that has been damaged by color treatment, sun and age. My stylist no longer admonishes me about moisturizing my hair since using illumai products. I’ve appreciated the light and fresh fragrance of both the shampoo and conditioner. Consistent use of illumai products has resulted in shiny and smooth hair. I am very pleased."

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Shelley A
San Rafael, CA

“iIlumai has changed shampooing for me forever. I never want to go back to regular shampoo. I love how this hair treatment system makes my hair feel and look. My hair has more body, it feels cleaner for longer, it holds shape much better, and it feels so much healthier. I love love love it and wish everyone I knew could be using it!"

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Lyn Kugel
Wynnewood, PA

"All my life I have struggled with trying to control my thick, curly frizzy hair. My hair often looked It was also quite dry and dull looking – until I tried illumai. To say these products have been transformative would be an understatement – they are almost miraculous! My hair now has a luster and shine that it never did before. The frizz is gone – people don't believe me when I say that I had struggled with trying to control frizzies. At my last haircut, my stylist commented on how shiny and healthy my hair looked (she never said that before!) Thanks to the illumai products, my hair smells great – and looks better than ever!"

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Sal Malafronte
Salon Mario Russo
Boston, MA

"The illumai line is fantastic! The shampoo and conditioner set clean the hair without leaving any waxy feel. The protect spray provides shine and manageability and preps the hair for styling."

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Brenda S.
Del Ray Beach, FL

"Due to a medication that I had to take for a time, my hair had thinned and lost its shine and life. After using the illumai products, my hair has gained back tremendous volume and I get compliments often on its shine and body. I saw a difference within the first few shampoos. I used the shampoo, conditioner and protect spray. I am thrilled with the results! My hair feels and looks healthy. My hairdresser noticed the difference. She said that it felt thicker and healthier to her; and she sees my hair from root to tip. These products are the best that I have ever used, and the fragrance is hypnotizing. I also get comments that my hair smells wonderful. Dr. Zasloff is a genius!

I allowed my sister to try the products on a visit to her house. She has always had very thin hair. Immediately after shampooing and drying, it looked and felt better. The next morning she said, "I can't believe my hair still has held the style and volume!" So hats off, literally, to illumai and Dr. Zasloff.

My final comment would be that it is a great feeling to know that I am putting a product on my head that has no harmful ingredients. That is the bottom line in anything that we use on our bodies. So many products have either immediate or long-term negative effects to our health. It is peace of mind to know that these products are healthy."

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Megha B
Brooklyn, NY

“illumai makes my hair feel silky, fresh and healthy.”

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Anne D.
Pending Location

"I've tried everything on my really fine, color-treated hair and dry, flakey scalp. This is the only product that can tackle all three - my hair is shiny, smooth and my scalp is moisturized. I'm never using anything else."

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Marissa Rodriguez
Worcester, MA

"I love this product! I've been using the illumai shampoo and conditioner for 6 months. I have noticed such a difference in my hair since. I get compliments on how shiny and beautiful my hair looks everywhere I go. I couldn't imagine going back to anything else!"

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Jane Kittredge
Gray, ME

"From my first use, my coworkers told me my hair looked lighter and glossier. It made my fine, curly hair more lustrous, alive and vibrant without giving me big hair and stayed clean from one wash to the next, which for me is 3 days. My hair has never been so easy to work with and so nice to look at."

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Brandon Holt
Owner, The Exclusive Salon
Las Vegas, NV

I love all three products and don’t even put product in the hair except for protect spray. I have noticed that even clients with unruly hair are now more smoothed out than ever. My clients have never felt their hair this way - so soft, so good, almost as if it's in its natural state. I have been blown away by how it makes the hair feel - like hair without anything, only better. It's like this product bypasses the damage to the biome that's so common in the hair care industry."

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Heather Mowder
Stow, OH

"I could not believe the difference after just the first use. My hair was frizzy from store​bought products, curling irons and blow drying. After illumai, my hair is completely transformed. Much smoother texture without appearing frizzy, and I don’t have to wash it every day - it remains manageable and still looks amazing. But the most impressive result was when my daughter tried it. She has incredibly thick hair, and we have struggled until now. These are the first products that give the manageability she needs. Her hair comes out tangle-​free with a much brighter look. No more complaining or tears!"

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Lynn K.
New York, NY

"My naturally curly hair tends to be dry, I get keratin treatments quarterly to fight frizz, I blow out my hair most days and I have highlights. There's a LOT of stress on these locks. Now my hair is softer, healthier, stays cleaner longer and has a bounce I don't see with commercial shampoos. I really see and feel a difference. It's transformational and I recommend illumai to all my friends and stylists."

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And how we nurture it.

Strip and harm
your hair’s naturally
protective biome.

25 + Ingredients

Returns your hair to
health and beauty.

Simply 7 Ingredients

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Healthy Biome = Better Beauty


Based on over 25 years of research, Dr. Michael Zasloff, an internationally recognized medical research scientist, discovered a new approach to healthy beauty.


Science met art when Dr. Zasloff was joined by Mario Russo, hair styling and color guru. His decades of experience ensures optimal results for all hair types at home and in the salon.


Dr. Zasloff's pioneering biome discovery led to the reduction of the harsh, man-made, 25+ ingredients in most hair products, that often create hair and scalp symptoms. The result? Simply seven ingredients to cleanse, nurture and protect.


The illumai Biome Care System, restores your hair and scalp biome to health, resulting in naturally beautiful hair.


Embracing the “Do No Harm,” philosophy, Dr. Zasloff rescued discarded research frogs. The scientific insights behind illumai came from his observations of their healing process.



Our founder, Dr. Zasloff, has spent decades researching the self-healing system of our biome: the ecosystem of scalp, follicles, hair, peptides, proteins, moisturizing oils and related microbiota. His pioneering, globally recognized research has informed countless biomedical breakthroughs and is the essential difference behind all the Healthy Beauty products we deliver.

We believe simple is better. Using 25+ chemicals — even natural or organic ones — isn't good for you. Or the environment. By respecting the biome, illumai's 7 simple ingredients simply deliver ... and do no harm.

We believe in the interconnectedness of all things. Our products are developed with respect and consideration for all systems, biological or human, therefore our products never destroy and always gently restore the biome system to its intended balance. We treat employees, customers and partners with this same respect at all times.

And finally, we believe each customer's positive experience with our products is our success. Therefore, we will showcase and nurture our customers' true beauty whenever possible.


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